by Konstantina Chouta

Popping up as a necessity or as an inner need, solo travelling is one of the best things you can do in your life! Before starting to doubt the idea of travelling all alone, without a buddy to rely on, take a deep breath and speak out the first things that come to mind- loneliness, boredom, lack of communication, no fun at all.


OK, now take one more breath- challenge, adventure, freedom… And a last one- self-exploration, re-defining yourself, getting to know who you are.

All of a sudden, solo travelling starts sounding like an exciting scenario you could possibly follow at some point in the future. But for sure, not at the moment. You have no time or money to travel, or maybe there is that chance of planning a trip with friends and you won’t miss it just to travel alone like some weirdo who has no friends to travel with.

Although being ready to set aside the doubts about solo travelling, one cannot simply dispose of all the possible excuses and pretenses we all use to avoid doing things that push us out of our comfort zone. And as finding excuses has turned out to be a habit for many people, I am sure we can all find a million reasons for NOT taking the plunge to travel alone. On the other hand, forgetting about what is considered ‘’normal’’, we can find a million reasons for ‘’acting crazy’’ for once and embark on a journey with just our soul, our heart and our mind- no other person included.


Solo travelling is a great chance to enjoy some valuable ‘’me’’ time away from everything and everyone that forms part of the daily routine. And this can lead to discovering new things about yourself, hidden strengths and qualities you were not aware of. Even those of you who find it difficult to make decisions and take initiative, you´ll find out that making up your mind depending on nobody else is not such a big deal, after all. People are NOT strange when you are a stranger and talking to them can be fun, as well as a big boost of confidence for the shy ones!


Before getting over-excited and over-nervous about your newly-taken decision to pursue solo travelling, try to remember if you have already done it before. And yes, there it is! You’ve done Erasmus! It was not long ago (or maybe it was!) when you decided to move to another country, away from everything and everyone that was familiar to you. You had to find accommodation, make friends, communicate in a new language, adapt to a new culture, explore new places and solve the problems that popped up on your own. That is pretty much what is included in solo travelling. And since you’ve done it once, why not do it again?


Remember! You don´t need to have a purpose to travel. Neither you need to have a travel companion nor a final destination to reach. All you need to travel is YOU! Indulge to your travel bug, book a ticket, sit back and relax..