You’ve done all the paperwork, you’ve packed up your stuff, you left behind the extra clothes your mum sneakily had put in your luggage, you said bye (or see you soon) to your cat, your dog, your family and friends and finally you’re at the airport!

Destination: Erasmus | Mood: Adventurous | Feelings: mixed, but mostly excitement


After a couple of hours and probably some bus or train or another flight, you reached your destination..

And there it is: your first night as Erasmus!




My very 1st night as Erasmus

Georgia, Wichernstrasse 18 (Internationales Studentenwohnheim), Erlangen, 01/03/2014


Well, thank god you didn't ask for the 1st night ON Erasmus, as I was already in Germany, the country that would host the experience of my life-time, about 10 days before my exchange program began.

I remember myself laughing out loud while wondering around my Erasmus city, thinking "why the hell did I choose Erlangen, when all of my Greek friends on their Erasmus are now having fun in Barcelona or Lisboa or...I don't know, another fancy place I guess?!".

Not long afterwards, it was time to move into the dormitory I ahd falsely chosen as the best one for me...but thank god, I found out there was another Greek student who had just stepped in; me and Katerina were meant to become true Erasmus besties, no matter how different our mentality & life perspective was!

After buying two (2!) cartons of genuine German beer, we decided it was about time that we go around the huge, old, dirty -but full of people!- building of ours, knocking doors and asking people to join us for a beer.

Most of them turned down our offer, but in the end we found ourselves toasting, talking & bursting into laughs with an Italian and a Spanish, just as if we had known each other since children, on the roof of our 10-floor dormitory, with a full moon shining upon us!

Well, that was it. Perhaps not that "extravagant" or a great story to narrate for many...but it was then when I felt that I was in the right place to be; home ;)





lem jinx, Hambourg, 2013


Hello, sooo I am writing about my first night as Erasmus student in Hamburg!! I also have my fav photo :D I think I could never forget this night. I lived for a semester in Hamburg back in 2013. I was miserable because I was leaving for a foreign (and cold) country all alone, so I was a little terrified, although it was my choice to study abroad. A arrived at Hamburg at night, and since I had too much luggage with me I could not take the metro to my hotel where I would stay for a night until I could go to the student house. In the taxi on my way to the hotel, I felt so lost and nervous I could barely speak German to the driver. When I finally closed the hotel door behind me, I was thinking "Ok, now what?" and what made it worse was the fact that I was unable to connect to the hotel wifi in order to talk to my friends. I wish I could travel back to my older self and tell myself that everything would work out just fine eventually :)





Theodoros Markou, Clermont, 2014 (ted_mk)


"Had to take a bus, a plane and a train to find myself the keys of that dream..." <3

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(Serenozok), Athens





10:51 pm | 10.24.16
We like to move it, move it!
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12:40 pm | 11.4.16
You can't sit with us!
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